Avispado is a Spanish PRE. He was purchased in Spain as a 4 1/2 year old, unbacked, unhandled, running as a Stallion with mares having not even been in a stable or worn a halter before. Karen bought Avispado and six weeks later he was backed and riding well. A testament to the good character of the breed. After four months Karen moved him here, to the UK to continue his training. He is currently working at Inter 1 level, towards Grand Prix at home, and since being in the UK, has been invited to public dressage demonstrations on 'The Spanish Horse' at various establishments such as Writtle Equine College.  He has competed in B.D dressage, won at dressage at the B.A.P.S.H National Championships, and placed second at the stallion grading at B.A.P.S.H against 16 stallions.

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United Kingdom

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