Karen's interest started in dressage when a classical dressage trainer and judge came to her yard on livery. After show jumping with short leathers, he put her on the lunge, with no stirrup irons for 18 months to aquire position and seat.

She went on to train and work for 3 years in a Danish dressage yard in the U.K, and had the opportunity to ride and compete some super quality horses, starting with the young horses and ending up with riding her first Grand Prix stallion. In this time winning and getting placed in the top three in competitions such as Magnolia Potential International Dressage 5 year old classes, judged by international rider and judge, Jenny Loristan Clark.

When leaving to compete her own horses in advanced dressage competitions, she took further training from such masters of Classical dressage, as Franz Rochowansky, Chief Riding Master of The Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Her interest in the Iberian came with the classical training from Franz, but also when her first Spanish horse came to her yard for training. She couldn't believe how quickly they trained, she loved his intelligence, agility, character and good looks, and also being a petite person, was not hard work putting the horse together, and engaging him, even when you ride a big Iberian, they feel easy.

Wanting to learn more about Iberians and also train to ride at Grand Prix, she went to Spain, commuting sometimes up to every other week, for 6 and a half years, to a Grand Prix rider, six times National Champion of Spain, author, lecturer, breeder and judge of the Spanish horse. It was a privilege to be able to ride and train with one of the best trainers in Spain, on some of the best horses. This included National Champions and Grand Prix stallions. to attend some of the highest level Grand Prix competitions and watch the Iberians beating other breeds. 

Purchasing her first Iberian Lusitano Stallion, Pelicano. He went on to win Grand Prix, and twice being selected for team training trials with Olympic Coach for Spain, Jean Bemelmans.

On arrival to the U.K, he was based in training with Karen at Elm Farm Stud, who was recieving great test riding training from British International Paul Hayler.

She competed at Premier League Dressage competitions, finishing in top three and qualifying for summer National Dressage Championships and also qualified for the waiting list for small tour British Team. Since then she has been selected twice to join the British team at the MCI Finals helping the team to win silver and walking away with medals.