Sourcing Horses

It's exciting times for the iberian horse in the UK at the moment with the introduction of the Iberian dressage horse master classes. With over ten years experience working with top grand prix trainers, judges and breeders in Spain and portugal, and her own grand prix lusitano being selected for Olympic team selection trials in Spain and qualifying for national to championships in the UK., Karen has the knowledge and experience of sourcing quality horses. If it is a horse for pleasure or a top international horse, she has trustworthy connections and inside knowledge.



This dutch horse Que was sourced in U.K he trained with me at Elm Farm Stud, and the client wanted him to show jump at affiliated competition, which she did very successfully. I also sourced two more horses for her. Carrie, and a Spanish stallion, which I trained for her and she competed at The Bapsh National Championships stallion class at Hartbury and won.



Havana was sourced by Karen for a client who wanted to ride through the levels in dressage and to train a horse. After a trip to Portugal, it was clear Havana was the one and the client had fallen in love. She was brought to the UK hassel free in November 2017 and after just four months of training with Karen and having never left her breed farm before her move to the UK, Havana competed in her first ever competition finishing 2nd and 4th.

Reviewing horses for sale


Here are some videos of Karen riding some of the horses for sale. She rides and reviews them too ensure the right horse is matched to the right rider.

 Fidalgo for the advanced competitor.

Azahar a schoolmaster for first time competitor.

Process of testing and Sale

Zihal was being tested as a schoolmaster for a novice competitior. He came highly recommended from one of Karen's long term sources, so a novice apprentice was asked to test the horse to ensure it was safe for the client. He passed with flying colours.

Sometimes with sales in the UK you only get to spend an hour with the horse to test before having to make a decision, this is where mistakes can be made. In most cases with the horses Karen sources, clients are able to spend four days riding them and spending time handling them, having the opportunity to bond before making an important decision. In Zihal's case he found his match with Sue, shown in the video above. Karen can offer after sales service with the horse being based at Elm Farm Stud in the UK with Karen on hand to help.