Here are some testimonials by various clients of Karen. Whether she has trained them, their horse or sourced them their perfect horse, Karen, known to be a perfectionist, will always go the extra mile.

Sue Faulks

'Zihal is a 12 year old Lusitano stallion sourced by Karen Tapscott for myself, a novice rider. He was a schoolmaster in Portugal and is a Shakira bloodline stallion, with proven good quaility offspring.
He not only is a huge hearted, kind horse who has helped me to regain my riding confidence, but also a beautiful example of how the Lusitano breed looks after a nervous rider.
Myself and Zihal train with Karen and look forward to meeting their public from 2018!
Zihal has been used to demonstrate lateral in hand work and dressage in Lusitano breed clinics held at Elm Farm Stud. He continues to charm his way into the female hearts of all who meet him.' - Sue Faulks, livery and client

Jane Gale

'This is such a lovely friendly yard, myself and my daughter Isabelle, moved her horse Sonny here after having lots of problems where it got to a stage that she could not ride him due to being out of control! Karen accessed him and said he needed taking back to the beginning and to be rebacked. Now, with Karen and her staff's support, Isabelle is back in the saddle. I'm not sure where we would have been by now if we hadn't have moved to this yard where everyone is so supportive and friendly. At the age of 60 I have been to many different yards and out of all of them I have found this one the most outstanding!' - Jane Gale, livery and client

Sophie Kelly

'Karen found what only I can describe as my perfect pony. I've had training with Karen for a fair few years now including on my old horse who was a nightmare until she worked her magic and made him into a safe and happy horse. After I retired him she found my horse Havana. a Lusitano mare. I have already learnt a lot from Karen and Havana in the short time I have owned her and have gone on to win rosettes at various competitions including the Iberian Showcase at Merristwood where I won 2nd in the dressage. Karen is an excellent trainer who takes her clients under her wing and is always there on the ringside to support you.; - Sophie Kelly, Livery and Client

Gary Davis-Moull

I have been having lessons with Karen for the last 3 1/2 years. Due to work commitments I was unable to do this as often as I would of liked before, but thankfully for I have been able to do this weekly this year. My horse who is very sensitive has always been extremely settled when we have visited, to the extent she spent 2 weeks with Karen while I was on holiday & was at home & relaxed the whole time (very unusual for her when in a different yard). I couldn't rate Karen higher as a trainer, she has endless patience, is sympathetic & has endless knowledge of all types of horses. I would also recommend her yard too, as not only does Karen run a professional, relaxed yard where horses are so content, but Karen's groom team really care about the horses. - Gary Davis-Moull, Instructor & Judge

Elizabeth Noraika

Collin came to me as a five year old approximately a year ago after his racing career failed to take off. He had been at grass for months and needed to be completely re-trained and schooled. I saw this as the perfect horse for me as he would give me the opportunity to work towards my dream which is to achieve a high standard in dressage .

Although I have extensive experience with breaking and schooling young horses, my dream is to achieve a much higher standard in dressage than I have done in the past. This presented me with a problem. I found myself working completely alone with my new young horse. I needed an accomplished trainer who would be able to work with me consistently in order to achieve my goals.

I stumbled upon the Iberian Dressage website whilst browsing online and read about Karen and her equestrian career which includes great success in dressage to Grand Prix level with the Iberian breeds which I have always loved. This being the direction I wished to pursue, I moved my horse to Karen’s yard, Elm Farm Stud in South Essex and began training with her.

Almost six months later, with Karen’s professional expertise and excellent methods, both me and my horse are well established on progressive schooling journey and have made an enormous amount of progress. Collin has matured physically and is now in condition and at an optimal fitness level for the work he is doing. He is soft, supple and shows calm concentration whilst his developing balance and rhythm becomes increasingly evident every step of the journey towards the dressage arena.

I have no doubt that with Karen’s consistent and professional guidance both myself and

my horse will achieve our full potential and my ammbitious dream will become a

reality. - Elizabeth Noraika, livery and client